SIDO - OSXP 2021


We have been involved in European research projects for 8 years. We have participated in 14 projects (H2020, ECSEL, ITEA, BMBF) supporting their activities of dissemination, community building, and exploitation of open-source software. We have had successes and also failures. In both cases, we learned a lot about how to provide better support to our partners, their projects, and the results produced. In this presentation we would like to share with you a return of experience over the last 8 years in order to better understand: - The motivations of these projects to invite an Open-Source foundation to participate in a research project, - The motivations of the foundation to accept the invitation or even to suggest it, - The challenges faced by the partners when it comes to open-sourcing during the project - The solutions that the Eclipse Foundation has put in place to facilitate the adoption of Open-Source best practices - Some significant examples of success or failure, including an open-source project that successfully moved from the research phase to being used in industry

Publishing your research results with an open source foundation

Nov 10th, 02:50 pm CET - 03:10 pm CET

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