SIDO - OSXP 2021

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Graphically editing structured data provides a better understanding of aspects such as the relationships between certain data, nesting on several levels, as well as more easily identifying certain characteristics thanks to visual information (size, colour, form, icons, etc.). However, to provide this kind of user experience, developing graphic web editors on top of a specific domain (DSL) remains a complex task. Sirius Web is a new fully web-based open source project from the Eclipse Foundation, which simplifies the definition of domain concepts, the creation of graphic editors and deployment for users. All from a simple web browser. Sirius Web is modular and can also provide editors for integration into existing web applications, to add a graphic dimension. During this talk, we will briefly look at the origins of the project, the various scenarios, as well as the architecture and technical options, and then move onto demonstrations of the main features.

Sirius Web simplifies editing of graphic data on the internet

Nov 10th, 02:50 pm CET - 03:10 pm CET

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